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Religious Freedom & Business Foundation

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Educate the global business community about how religious freedom is good for business, and engage the business community in joining forces with government and non-government organizations in promoting respect for freedom of religion or belief (FoRB); emphasize on helping businesses foster interfaith understanding and peace; envision a global future of innovative and sustainable economies where freedom of religion or belief and diversity are respected.


On February 1, 2014, Dr. Grim is leaving the Pew Research Center to become the founding president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, where he encourages businesses to consider religious freedom issues as they choose and make investments.

IRD Activities

  • Global Forum — Business, Interfaith Understanding & Peace

    The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s Brazil Association (ALRN) helped launch the Foundation’s first global forum on business, interfaith understanding and peace. The forum brought some 700 leaders together for a gala celebration where Muslims, Jews and Christians dined side-by-side to commemorate its status as a leader in religious freedoms. The dialogue between religious confessions and regarding religious liberty play an important role in this process. The theme was “Brazil a voice to the world.” The event is the first of a series to bolster the role of business in supporting religious freedom. At the global forum, all participants received a new resource to highlight how businesses can promote interfaith understanding and peace jointly published by the UN Global Compact Business for Peace platform and the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation. The approaches highlighted in the resource include: Using Marketing Expertise to Bridge Borders, Incentivizing Innovation, Incubating and Catalyzing Social Entrepreneurship, and Supporting Workforce Diversity

  • Other Global Forums and Seminars

    Those events are highlighting the positive role of business in building interfaith understanding. They have been held at various locations.

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    Sao Paulo, Brazil - Vatican City, Holy See - Brussels, Belgium - Italy - United Arab Emirates - Azerbaijan - UK - Taiwan, China - USA - Turkey - Australia