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Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture

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  • Centre de recherches sur l'histoire, l'art et la culture islamiques

    • Alemdar Caddesi, No. 15, Bâbıâlî Girişi 34110 Cağaloğlu - Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey
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To act as a focal point and meeting place for studies and research on various aspects of Islamic civilisation creating objective conditions for cooperation among the parties concerned world-wide with an aim to eliminate prejudices against Islam and its civilisation, project their correct image, inform the world opinion on their role and place in world civilisation, and promote a better understanding and a dialogue between Muslims and other peoples of the world.


The Centre started its activities in 1980, after its first work programme and first budget proposal, prepared and submitted by the Centre's newly appointed Director General Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, were adopted by Resolution no. 11/11-C of the Eleventh Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Islamabad, Pakistan, 1980).

IRD Activities

  • Islamic Civilisation and Inter-cultural Relations

    IRCICA gives importance to activities that help in projecting a correct image of the Islamic civilisation throughout the world and those that contribute to promoting dialogue between peoples of different cultures and faiths. The Centre organises and actively participates in scholarly meetings relating to relations between cultures and faiths of the world and promotion of a better understanding among them.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - Istanbul, Turkey - Doha, Qatar - Beijing, China - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Baku, Azerbaijan - Bali, Indonesia - Bangkok, Thailand