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Enhance inter-faith networking among women of faith in Europe; strengthen the capacities of women of faith to build peace; promote just and harmonious societies and transform conflict through congregations and religious women's organisations in Europe; promote gender equality and women's empowerment in multi-religious collaboration for peace; develop strategic relevant multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances; promote the establishment and development of faith-based and inter-faith based women' s networks in Europe.


During 1992-95, the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina struggled in its recovery from three years of inter-ethnic war. Following the break-up of Yugoslavia, an estimated 250,000 people died in the conflict between Bosnian Muslims, Serbs, and Croats. Working to bring healing and help forge a lasting peace, our Religions for Peace affiliate, the Inter-religious Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina, was active in promoting inter-religious collaboration among the country's women. Under the auspices of the Religions for Peace, representatives of women of faith from the Inter-Religious Councils of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and Kosovo came together in the historic city of Sarajevo from 2–4 October 2003 for an inspirational, regional inter-religious training on mobilising women for peace. The 30 women from the Islamic, Orthodox, Catholic, and Jewish communities of Kosovo and BiH came together for the first time since the end of the Balkan conflicts to mark the beginning of the southeast Europe women of faith network.

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    Religions for Peace have numerous resources to assist in various aspects of inter-religious work for the common good. Specific toolkits have been developed to help communities to build interfaith women's networks, restore human dignity, and take forward all aspects of the Millennium Development Goals. Other resources include information on how to access DVD's and educational materials developed by representatives of the Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation for peace.

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