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RfP Global Women of Faith Network

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Bring together a wide range of women of faith around the world to promote their leadership, coordinate strategies and pool resources and capabilities for cooperative action for peace; enable women of all faiths to communicate and learn from each other; build bridges and partnerships between faith-based women's organizations, secular partners, international agencies and the United Nations.


In 2001, RfP launched the first-ever Global Network of Women of Faith. The growing network serves as an increasingly valuable resource for women of all faiths to communicate and learn from each other and to build bridges between faith-based organizations and major international agencies. At present, the Global Network includes more than 1,000 Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Indigenous, Sikh and Zoroastrian religious women's organizations. Some organizations in the network have a membership as large as 5,000 groups, while others have less than five.

IRD Activities

  • Empowerment of Women of Faith

    Religions for Peace Global Women of Faith Network promotes the rights and empowerment of women and girls. From training women in leadership and providing small grants for vocational activities in Liberia, to working to address HIV/AIDS challenges in Uganda, women of faith have been working on the front lines to advance human development. In Uganda, women of faith helped to support access to formal education for 6,782 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCS), 3,199 of whom were girls in the three districts of Kamuli, Luwero and Tororo. They provided educational materials and ensured their enrollment and retention in school through support. The women of faith worked together with men through the Uganda Inter-Religious Council (IRC), and with other partners including the Family and Child Protection Unit in the Uganda Police and Probation department, the Social Welfare and Community Development department, and with the Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development. The women of faith received capacity building training on psychosocial support, child protection, home-based care and advocacy. They enhanced their knowledge and skills on addressing trauma, stigma and social isolation relating to HIV/AIDS.

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