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Roots and Sources Foundation

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Develop centres for research, education, and exchanges, in order to promote peace through dialogue, allowing us to go beyond identity-related tensions, foster dialogue and interreligious research in an interdisciplinary perspective, and share and transmit the universal values ​​of Judaism.

IRD Activities

  • Research Group

    A research group will meet monthly to discuss the ethical challenges related to fields such as medicine, economy, and the environment. Through dialogue, religions provide input for the debate and participate in solving societal problems. Formed by specialists from the different religious traditions, the group will work with experts from the aforementioned areas

  • Seminars and Symposiums

    The Foundation regularly organises seminars and symposiums open to the public, which aim to act as an interface with civil society and promote peace through dialogue to overcome identity-related tensions

  • Sabbath Meals

    Sabbath tables welcome participants of all sensitivities to a spiritual journey in a warm setting, inviting the major religions and wisdoms to dialogue about topics such as 'Speaking and Listening', 'The Sacred in Time and Space', 'Transmission and Education', etc.

  • Intercultural and Inter-Spiritual Cafés 'Wisdom of Humanity'

    Interreligious and intercultural dialogue is based on deep and reciprocal listening to the wisdom and spirituality of each tradition. It is in this spirit that the Foundation organises debates for people of different cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Following the example of philosophy cafés, the Foundation provides a space for open discussion, in which a facilitator suggests a topic and participants react, take ownership of the topic and develop it.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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