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Rumi Forum

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  • Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue and Intercultural Understanding

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Foster intercultural dialogue, stimulate thinking and exchange of opinions on supporting and fostering democracy and peace, and provide a common platform for education and information exchange.


RF was founded in 1999 by the Turkish Hizmet Movement, also known as the Gulen Movement, named after the Turkish Islamic scholar, author, poet, and advocate of education Fethullah Gulen (b. 1941).

IRD Activities

  • Films

    The Rumi Forum hosts the event 'Dialogue and a Movie' to also invite the public to participate in dialogue

  • Trips to Turkey

    The Rumi Forum organizes a number of intercultural and interfaith trips to Turkey, where American community leaders have visited Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious sites of great significance to all three religions and have had the chance to interact with local figures and citizens and exchange views on the future of interfaith and intercultural dialogue

  • Abrahamic Discussion Series

    The Rumi Forum invites speakers from the three Abrahamic faiths on specific topics with also the intention to encourage discussion with and within the audience.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    USA - Turkey - USA