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Satyana Institute

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    • Satyana Institute, PO Box 17904, Boulder, CO 80308, USA
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Support individuals, communities, and organisations to combine inner work of the heart with outer service in the world.


Satyana Institute was co-founded by Will Keepin and Jed Swift in 1996.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Mysticism

    Interfaith mysticism sheds new light on religious division and strife. Rather than struggling to resolve religious conflicts, this approach tends to dissolve those conflicts, through a return to the luminous mystical core that unites all religions at their roots. This experiential retreat explores mysticism from an inter-faith perspective, drawing on Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi mystical traditions. The Satyana Institute explores the relevance of mystical consciousness and activism at this critical time in history. Intensive retreats in interfaith mysticism are led by Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix from Satyana Institute at the Sadhana Institute in Lonavla, India and Holistic Health Center in Pune, India

  • Cultivating Women's Spiritual Mastery

    The Turin conference and post-conference women's retreat in Valchiusella Valley embody a feminine participatory design, bringing women together from diverse spiritual paths and cultures. It is part of a new project launched by the Satyana Institute to support the cultivation of women's spiritual mastery, and to evoke the prophetic voice of the feminine across different spiritual traditions. Our intention is to serve a strong need among women on diverse spiritual paths that to our knowledge is not met by any existing organisation or network. The purpose of this project is to foster intimate spiritual mentoring, authentic transformation, and mutual empowerment of emerging women spiritual leaders, in collaboration with established female spiritual masters, across the faith traditions.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Lonavala, India - Pune, India - Valchiusella Valley, Italy