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Scarboro Foreign Mission Society

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  • Missions Etrangères de Scarboro; Società per le Missioni Estere di Scarboro; Societas Scarborensis pro Missionibus ad Exteras Gentes

    • 2685 Kingston Rd., Scarborough, ON, Canada
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Serve in creative and new endeavours where the Gospel has not been heard; collaborate with a local church that invites our presence; live simply and in solidarity with the poor and marginalised people of the world and to work on behalf of justice; encounter and celebrate God's presence in the life, history, culture and faiths of the people among whom we live; collaborate with churches in Canada, generating enthusiasm for global mission and in promoting Gospel values.


Founded in 1918 by Fr. John Fraser, a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto, Scarboro Missions' initial purpose was to train and send missionary priests to China. In those early days, Scarboro Missions was known as the China Mission Seminary.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Dialogue

    SFM's interfaith work in Canada is also a support and inspiration to interfaith activity in Scarboro Missions' overseas missions. SFM is in touch with local, national and international interfaith activities and networks as well as with Catholic interfaith networks around the globe

  • Principles and Guidelines for Interfaith Dialogue

    SFM collected and developed principles and guidelines for interfaith dialogue which serve as the basis for many interfaith organizations.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Bahamas - Brazil - China - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Guyana - Japan - Malawi - Thailand - Canada - World