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Scouts and Guides of France

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  • Scouts et Guides de France

    • 65, Rue de la Glacière, 75013, Paris, France
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The Scouts and Guides of France are a Catholic movement of popular education that aims to train active citizens, happy and peacemakers. It focuses on a pedagogy of the game, the project, the team, life in nature. It offers young girls and boys a living space that meets their need to dream, to act, to succeed in their projects, to live in community, to give meaning to their lives.


In May 2004, the general assemblies of 'Scouts de France' (created in 1920 and recognised as an association of public utility in 1927) and 'Guides de France' (created in 1923 and recognised as an association of public utility in 1943) decided to become a single association.

IRD Activities

  • Dialogue and Pluralism

    The Scouts and Guides of France are working to welcome even more children and young people, offering a scouting that respects everyone in their differences. By raising awareness on children from a young age to other cultures and traditions, they acquire the means to be actors of peace. The Scouts and Guides of France provide educational tools to facilitate living together between young people from different cultures, backgrounds, religions, and capacities

  • Sign of the Church

    The Scouts and Guides of France are a place for the first proclamation of the Gospel in which everyone is welcome and accompanied with its history, its relationship to God, its religion, its doubts. Within the association, everyone can live his/her faith through projects and meetings. Through initiatives like 'Vis mon camp' or international exchanges, we want to continue to explore and discover that the difference is creative. Discovering the religion of the other, we will have the desire to deepen our own religion, and understand together that all these different religions are at the service of humanity and try to make men better and happier.

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    France - Spain - Germany - UK - Netherlands - Austria - Mayotte - Réunion - Singapore - French Guiana - Martinique - Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Saint Martin - Guadeloupe - China - New Caledonia - French Polynesia - Monaco - Canada - Estonia - Bangladesh - Lauras, France - Strasbourg, France - Rome, Italy - Palaiseau, France - Rouen, France - Paris, France - Bras-Panon, Réunion