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Sociocultural Association Manresa’s Net – Manresa Interreligious Dialogue Group

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  • Associaci� Sociocultural Xarxa de Manresa - Grup de Di�leg Interreligi�s de Manresa

    • Manresa, Spain
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The association aims to contribute to a better knowledge of the different realities and religions present in Manresa and Catalonia and to promote interreligious dialogue.


The interreligious dialogue movement began in Manresa with Clara Sol�, a member of the Board of the Ecumenical Center of Catalonia. In 1998, a round table discussion between Catholics and Protestants began to discuss the need to meet other religions, and Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants began to gather to pray for peace in Manresa. In 1999 they formed a small stable group representing different spiritual traditions of the city that convened several interfaith prayers with very good reception. Feeling the need for more mutual knowledge, in 2002 they organized six conferences on major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism, and Baha'i). In 2003 the Goldin Institute of Chicago held its biannual international conference in Manresa, and in 2004 we participated in the Parliament of the World's Religions held in Barcelona. This gives a definite boost to the group. The Sociocultural Association Xarxa de Manresa is created, which begins to coordinate and promote the activities of the Interreligious Dialogue Group and publishes a magazine on interreligious dialogue. The group continued to participate in regional and international meetings, but mostly works locally. Currently, the group is very stable and is made up of members of the Bah�'� Faith, the Brahma Kumaris Association, Mormons, Muslims, Catholics, Evangelical Christians and Buddhist

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