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St Columbans Mission Society

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    • Columban Mission Centre, 69 Woodland Street, Essendon, VIC 3040, Australia

    • St Columbans, 8-19 St Columbans Grove, Lower Hutt 6315, New Zealand
      Columban Mission Institute, Level 8, 23 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW 2059, Australia
      St Columbans, PO Box 2107, Unit 1 / 111 Bishopsgate Street Carlisle North, WA 6101, Australia
      92 Brighton Road (PO Box 419), Sandgate, QLD 4017, Australia
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Promote justice, peace and creation from a standpoint of solidarity with the poor; promote dialogue between Christians and those from all other religious traditions; facilitate interchange between local Churches; help local Churches grow into evangelising communities open to all peoples; establish the Church where the gospel has not been preached.


The Missionary Society of St Columban was founded in 1918 in Ireland as a Missionary Society of Priests for the evangelization of China. The main residence for Columbans in Australia, since 1924, is at Essendon, Victoria.

IRD Activities

  • Christian-Muslim Relations

    Columban Missionaries work for building better relations between Christians and Muslims in accord with the teaching of the Catholic Church. The teaching of the Catholic Church motivates and inspires Columban missionaries to reach out to Muslims in dialogue and friendship, We build mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims by getting to know one another. Personal encounter is crucial. Columban missionaries in Australia actively participate and attend Muslim religious, social and cultural events. Knowledge too and education is important so to overcome ignorance, stereotypes and prejudices by learning and disseminating accurate information about our respective faith traditions. Through dialogue we cooperate together on matters of shared concern

  • Faith Ecology Network

    Faith Ecology Network (FEN) is an Australian hub for strengthening an interfaith dialogue between science and religion. FEN encourages action between different faith communities regarding ecological insights through holding events including an annual seminar, producing publications and sharing information through their networks and on social media. FEN's network of people is currently representative of Aboriginal, Anglican, Bahá’í, Buddhist, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Quaker, and Uniting Church faith traditions

  • Bridges Newsletter

    Bridges is the quarterly newsletter of the Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations (CCCMR). It offers current news and views on Christian-Muslim Relations, Islam and Interreligious Dialogue. The newsletter features concerns often overlooked by the mainstream media, and is a counter-balance to populist stereotypes. Bridges is particularly useful for more informed discussions in schools and community groups.

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