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St. Michael’s Theological College

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Foster a strong academic community dedicated to the quest for truth and justice through serious study, integration of knowledge, and an ongoing dialogue between faith and reason; encourage students to explore widely the various areas of theological studies and related disciplines in order to interpret and live authentically the Christian faith in their concrete contexts; promote an openness to various denominational, religious, theological and pastoral positions while explicitly maintaining the Roman Catholic tradition and practices; prepare students for effective involvement in the development of a society of greater peace, justice and compassionate love.


St. Michael's Theological College (formerly St. Michael's Seminary) is an institution of higher education dedicated to excellence in theological and scriptural studies leading to personal, ethical and spiritual formation. It is an affiliated institution of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and a member of the Caribbean Association of Theological Schools (CATS). For more than forty years St. Michael's Theological College (formerly St. Michael's Seminary) was primarily commissioned to train Jamaican Priests. Since 1996, when the seminarians were transferred to the Regional Seminary of St. John Vianney and the Ugandan Martyrs in Trinidad, the main focus has shifted to the theological education and pastoral training of the laity. The significance of this present direction is certainly borne out in the Second Vatican Council's emphasis on the vital importance of the laity's role in the life and building up of the Church.

IRD Activities

  • Centre for Caribbean Spirituality and Interfaith Dialogue (CCSID)

    The establishment of this Centre is considered to be an integral aspect of the vision of St Michael's Theological College. It will further the mission of the institution by strengthening its commitment to the holistic development of persons and society through theological study, research, dialogue, faith development and outreach in order to effectively affirm religious values in the Caribbean and thereby fostering personal and societal transformation.

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