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St Philip’s Centre

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    • 2A Stoughton Drive North, Leicester, LE5 5UB, UK
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Strengthen community integration with dialogue and understanding; provide an engagement with civic and community life; provide training for Christians to equip them to live confidently in multi faith societies, for Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, people of all other faiths and beliefs who would like to know and understand their faith neighbours and discover ways of strengthening community life for the common good, for people at work, who need to understand more about faiths, for young people with aspirations to be the leaders of tomorrow, and for study enthusiasts.


The Centre's history was born out of the 2001 disturbances, the 2001 census findings, 9/11 and 7/7 events. A new idea in 2004, became a task group in 2005, which formally became the St Philip's Centre at the beginning of 2006.

IRD Activities

  • Schools and Colleges

    The Centre's programmes promote equality, respect and non-discrimination. It includes roadshows, workshops, visit/trips, talks and assemblies as well as partnerships. Their menu of high quality inter faith programmes for schools and colleges meet curriculum and life skills needs

  • Dialogue Groups

    Meeting together with local people in dialogue from the Christian and Muslim faiths (as well as people from other faiths and none) is such a wonderful opportunity for discovery in learning about one's own faith perspective and also that of our neighbours

  • Near Neighbours

    The programme works to bring people together who are near neighbours in communities that are religiously and ethnically diverse, so that they can get to know each other better, build relationships of trust and collaborate together on initiatives that improve the local community they live in

  • Faith in Action

    St Philip's Centre is committed to working with our partners from the different faith communities to benefit people in need and important causes which are achieved through charitable efforts.

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