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Sufi Alâwiyya International Association NGO

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  • Association Internationale Soufie Alâwiyya ONG

    • AISA ONG Internationale, 1200 Geneva, Switzerland

    • AISA France, 34, Rue Georges Boisseau, 92110, Clichy-la-Garenne, France
      AISA Germany, c/o Taofik Hartit, Georg-Treber-Str. 53, 65428 Ruesselheim, Germany
      AISA Spain, Calle Villajoyosa 103, 4,F, 28041 Madrid
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Create a culture of peace and gender equality in the service of humanity; contribute by spiritual and ethical issues to the promotion and consolidation of Living Together between civilizations and religions.


In 2001, AISA was founded by Sheikh Khaled Bentounès in Drancy, France. Taking effect on the 19th of January, 2014, the 'special consultative status' was attributed to AISA by a committee of 60 UN member states. It thus became an officially accredited partner of the UN, with the right to participate as an observer in ECOSOC meetings.

IRD Activities

  • Spirituality

    AISA contributes, on spiritual and ethical issues, to the promotion and consolidation of living together between civilisations and religions. It suggests living a universal spirituality, going beyond categories while respecting the differences. One of the Association's purposes is to foster the integration of Muslim citizens and their children in today’s plural society, and to foster a constructive dialogue between all the religious or non-religious components of a multi-faith, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.

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    France - Switzerland - Spain - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - Canada - Algeria