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Sulha Peace Project

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Engage in exploring the very different realities of our lives, bringing forth the common humanity that binds us all.


For the past 18 years, the Sulha Peace project has brought Palestinians and Israelis together for people-to-people, heart-to-heart contact. In the pervasive atmosphere of fear and bitter conflict between our peoples, we at Sulha consistently humanize the dialogue and struggle against demonization of the other side.

IRD Activities

  • Sulha Peace Project

    The project is a large annual gathering that features three days of dialogue, shared meals, traditional art, music, and inter-faith rituals. Beginning with 150 people in the troubled days of the second intifadah, the event has grown to host over 5000 participants at a time

  • Tent of Sarah and Hagar

    The Tent of Sarah and Hagar brings women together to provide a safe environment for religious and secular Jewish and Palestinian women to reach out to each other

  • Tribal Fires

    Once a month, Sulha Peace Project holds "Tribal Fires" in which 100-150 Palestinians and Israelis gather to reach beyond arguments and political posturing to the essential humanity longing to be heard. They pray and sing together, enjoying a meal and quiet informal time, and working in listening circles, creating a quality of awareness and attention to the other sorely lacking in the respective societies. At the Tribal Fires, Sulha Peace Project also hosts guests from Europe, Asia, and the United States, and enable them to participate in English-speaking listening circles

  • Sulhita Youth Project

    Several times a year, Sulha sponsors "Sulhita," a gathering of 40-80 youths (ages16-21) who spend several days discussing the issues that concern them. Young Israelis, pre-army service, and their Palestinian peers discuss how they feel about the fact that they may soon find themselves facing each other in confrontations at roadblocks, or in battle. The youths hike in the Judean desert, prepare meals together, sing, drum, dance, and talk deep into the nights, sharing their visions of possible futures, revealing the vibrant optimism and intention of youth. They attain a sense of commonality that lasts well beyond Sulhita, and many of them become volunteers at adult Sulha events.

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