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Swiss Interchurch Aid

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  • Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweiz; Entraide Protestante Suisse

    • Seminarstrasse 28, PO Box, 8042 Zurich, Switzerland

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      Pfeffingerstrasse 41, PO Box, 4002 Basel, Switzerland
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Committed to justice, peace, and integrity of creation; promote that all people have a right to live safe, dignified lives free from all forms of oppression; command respect for people of all cultures and religions; help individuals in need, irrespective of their race or religion.


HEKS has been giving aid since 1946 where it is sorely needed - to the poorest people in this world, irrespective of their creed, culture or religion. In June 1944 the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) approved an aid campaign for the victims of the Second World War. Members of various cantonal churches started their own campaigns on the back of this initiative and, after the end of the War, the FSPC appointed a clergyman to coordinate them on a part-time basis. This was far from sufficient, however, therefore it was decided to harness all the cantonal campaigns together under one umbrella and HEKS was born. In 1946, the aid organisation of the Protestant churches of Switzerland with its headquarters in Zürich and an office in Geneva – before relocating to its present location in Lausanne – is finally christened the “Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweiz” which is shortened to HEKS, or EPER in French (Entraide Protestante des Eglises en Ruines).

IRD Activities

  • Promotion of Peace and Conflict Resolution - Interreligious Dialogue

    Nowadays there is an appreciation of the significance of religious beliefs and religious communities and their influence on the secular order and the state. On the basis of Christian values HEKS takes the role of an impartial outsider in promoting the peaceful and constructive co-existence of people, cultures and religions. HEKS encourages ecumenical dialogue and a meeting of minds across religious groups and cooperation between different religions, ethnic groups and cultures.

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    Democratic Republic of the Congo - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Niger - Senegal - South Sudan - Zimbabwe - Albania - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Czechia - Georgia - Hungary - Italy - Kosovo - Moldova - Poland - Romania - Serbia - Ukraine - Bangladesh - Cambodia - India - Indonesia - Pakistan - Lebanon - Iraq - State of Palestine - Israel - Philippines - Viet Nam - Brazil - Colombia - Haiti - Honduras - Guatemala - Switzerland