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The Abraham Fund Initiatives

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The Abraham Fund strives to fulfill the promise of full and equal citizenship and complete equality of social and political rights for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens, as embodied in Israel's Declaration of Independence: A state which is the national homeland of the Jewish people and a full, complete and equal home for its Arab-Palestinian national minority.


The Abraham Fund Initiatives is a not-for-profit organization working since 1989 to promote coexistence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens.

IRD Activities

  • Promote Dialogue

    The Abraham Fund has encouraged the government to initiate dialogue with Israe's Arab leadership on the subject of civic service with the goal of reaching an agreeable framework for the voluntary community service of Arab youth in municipalities and NGOs, separate from the military establishment. The Abraham Fund further believes that, to be credible, this kind of dialogue should be conducted as part of a widespread government commitment to narrowing the gaps between Jews and Arabs.

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