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The Commonwealth Youth Programme

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Work towards a society where young men and women are empowered to develop their potential, creativity and skills as productive and dynamic members of their societies and participate fully at every level of decision-making and development, both individually and collectively, promoting Commonwealth values of international co-operation.


Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Fund was established in 1973. CYP works to engage and empower young people (ages 15-29) to enhance their contribution to development. This is done in partnership with young people, governments and other key stakeholders. CYP was established by Commonwealth Heads of Government. The Commonwealth Secretariat, established in 1965, supports Commonwealth member countries to achieve development, democracy and peace. We are a voice for small and vulnerable states and a champion for young people.

IRD Activities

  • Faith in the Commonwealth training workshop in 2017

    Young Kenyan peacebuilders participated in the first ever Faith in the Commonwealth training workshop that have pledged to lead the charge in building strong, positive interfaith and intercultural relations. The diverse group of young people included community development workers, youth workers, university students, musicians, artists, social activists and representatives from civil service organisations. They explored effective ways to facilitate and support dialogue and drive positive change within their communities. The ultimate aim, facilitators say, is to develop and promote deeper respect and understanding of different faiths, cultures and beliefs. The participants received practical training in facilitating dialogues and group discussions using a method that explores difference while building respect and understanding. It prepared them to facilitate groups that deal with potentially divisive issues in a way that focuses on appreciating their own and others’ identities and beliefs, realities and aspirations

  • Faith in the Commonwealth initiative

    The Commonwealth Secretariat has partnered with The Khalili Foundation to offer a global citizenship education (GCED) programme for young people across the Commonwealth’s 53 member countries. Faith in the Commonwealth is based on key values such as religious literacy, human rights, freedom of expression, respect and understanding, gender equality, and the rule of law and good governance. The initiative, designed for young people of all faiths or none, builds upon the Commonwealth Heads of Government’s call for youth-led action towards a more peaceful and inclusive Commonwealth. This program incorporates two streams: The GCED Toolkit is a peer-reviewed global citizenship curriculum for university education. It equips instructors and their students with skills and competencies to navigate the complexities of modern life. Adaptable to local contexts, the GCED Toolkit explores contemporary notions of identity, culture, and society. Youth Training of Trainers workshops is the second stream, which brings together young people aged 15 to 29 from different faith traditions, ethnicities, and socio-economic and geographical situations. Through capacity-building exercises and interactive dialogue over four days, these young leaders examine ways to mobilise their communities around shared values rather than perceived differences. Discussions on faith, culture, identity and gender are integral and participants are encouraged to test outdated assumptions and be open to new possibilities for productive and mutually respectful coexistence. This approach allows youth to practice active listening, negotiate, and achieve consensus among themselves, consult with community stakeholders, develop and undertake an inclusive plan and evaluate and report results.

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