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The Council of Christians and Jews

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Facilitate Christian-Jewish engagement and ensure that the following core values remain central: promote understanding, value difference, demonstrate empathy and respect, and challenge prejudices.


CCJ was founded in 1942 by Chief Rabbi Joseph H. Hertz and Archbishop William Temple. The aim was for Jews and Christians to meet together in local groups, to understand each other a little better and to recognise the humanity in the other. Since then, local branches have continued this pattern and the leaders of Christian and Jewish denominations in the UK have served as CCJ Presidents.

IRD Activities

  • Education

    CCJ hosts educational seminars and events and provides educational materials on a broad range of issues to foster respect and understanding between members of different faith communities. CCJ's educational work covers a wide variety of topics, but applies particular focus to the following areas- Antisemitism, Holocaust, Education about Israel and Israel/Palestine

  • Dialogue

    CCJ facilitates interaction between Jews and Christians to encourage closer ties between both communities. At the heart of dialogue are the branch members and CCJ reinforces support for this work through online resources and an annual members' conference. Dialogue also takes place on a more overtly theological level through CCJ's Theology Group. CCJ also runs a Student Presidents programme on university campuses to encourage interfaith dialogue and respect amongst students. This programme aims to help educate the next generation of community leaders in both the religious and wider world on interfaith matters. Annual branch representatives Day Conference

  • Social Action

    As the newest part of CCJ's work, Social Action gives an opportunity to support the essential dialogue and educational programming with meaningful social interaction. For CCJ, social action has two aims- Building a network of support between the two communities, developing solidarity and sustaining friendships/ Putting the shared values to work to improve society, build the local communities and achieve common goals. These aims are not mutually exclusive and many of the social action programmes look to some extent to achieve both of these aims, bringing Christians and Jews closer to one another in the process and supporting the "face to face" dialogue with "side by side" action

  • Christian/Jewish Leadership Study Tour

    In May 2017, CCJ ran the second leadership study tour to Israel/Palestine, as part of the programme to facilitate Jewish/Christian dialogue on issues surrounding the conflict. CCJ’s Israel engagement is all about creating opportunities for understanding by engaging with a broad range of Israeli and Palestinian voices. The purpose of the tour is to listen and to learn. CCJ met with religious and political leaders, community activists and organisations

  • Yad Vashem Seminar for Clergy and Church Leaders

    CCJ offers this unique seminar in association with the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. The aims of the seminar are to provide an opportunity to examine in depth aspects of the Holocaust carried out in Nazi Europe, consider issues such as humanity, suffering, evil, forgiveness and redemption, reflect on past, present and future relations between Jews and Christians, consider the lessons for society today in tackling prejudice and hatred, and to equip participants to be leaders in Holocaust education in their communities. Participants should be Christians in leadership positions working in Britain, whether as ordained clergy, lay leaders, chaplains, interfaith advisers, or similar.

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