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The Council of Protestants in Guiding and Scouting

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    • c/o Annette von Stockhausen, Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder, Wichernweg 3, 34121 Kassel, Germany
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Develop and promote the spiritual dimension of Guiding and Scouting with the enrichment of the Protestant Christian faith; promote constructive cooperation and a beneficial working environment between Scouting and Guiding and the official local Protestant Churches and the World Council of Churches; promote collaboration and partnership between CPGS members, including facilitating of exchanges and the sharing of experiences and best practices; take an active part in the inter-religious dialogue within Scouting.


The first network of Protestants in Scouting and Guiding was established in 1965 in Europe as 'The Conference on Christianity in Guiding and Scouting' (CCGS).

IRD Activities

  • World Scout Interreligious Forum

    CPGS is part of the World Scout Interreligious Forum (WSIF). The WSIF meets annually to coordinate their work. The Forum does a valuable contribution to strengthening the quality of spirituality in Scouting and working for peace and global understanding. The Forum also organises Inter-religious Symposia. The 4th World Scout Inter-religious Symposium (WSIS) was held from 1st to 5th August 2012 at WonKwang University, Iksan South Korea. It was organised by members of the WSIF, an informal network of religious groups/organisations in Scouting, and was supported by the World Scout Bureau. The theme of this symposium was "Growing Scouting through Families and Communities". Discussion was focused mostly on growth and not that much on spiritual dimension. All the present Religious groups: ICCS, IUMS, Buddhist, Von-Buddhist, CPGS represent their latest news

  • Roverway 2012

    In 2012, a Roverway took place with 3500 rovers out of more than 50 countries and from several religious confessions in Finland. In the 'Live your life' path, between the Catholics, Jewish, and other non confessional spiritual meditation tents, the CPGS offered a internal meditation activity based on several moments of the Christian life, materialise by pearls of different form and colour: the 'Pearls of life'. At the end of the four days of Roverway, the results were very positives. Lots of people came to the CPGS tent. Some of them stayed a while at the meditation place in order to 'answer' the questions asked by the pearls and several leaved traces of their meditation through messages written on papers stamped to the tent.

  • ANOUANZE Fraternal Dialogue

    The Association of Catholic Scouts of Ivory Coast-ASCCI in agreement with the Ivorian Scouting Federation, Scouts and Guides of France, French Scouting Federation, World Organisation of Scout Movement and particularly the African Scout Support Center will be organising an activity called in particular the Center for African support organizes an activity called “ANOUANZE Fraternal Dialogue” which is a Francophone Scout event.This event is essentially for francophones and Francophiles and will have three main activities:The ITT: 1.International Training for Trainers.2.Interreligious meeting for Chaplains.3.A training on Dialogue for Peace.The Council of Protestants in Guiding and Scouting was invited to take part in the event as present Chair of World Scout Interreligious Forum (and as Trainer).

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Valencia, Spain - Kaoshiung, China - Kampala, Uganda - Iksan, South Korea - Helsinki, Finland - Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast -