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The Crossings Institute

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    • 110 Gerlinger Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403, USA
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Conflict sensitive reporting training investigates how journalists tend to cover conflicts as simple dichotomies and why a more nuanced approach may result in more interesting and responsible journalism than the black and white type that often typifies conflict reportage.


The UNESCO Chair in Transcultural Studies, Interreligious Dialogue, and Peace was established in 2007 at the University of Oregon, USA.The UNESCO Crossings Institute for Conflict-Sensitive Reporting and Intercultural Dialogue launched at the University of Oregon in 2013, with offices at the School of Journalism and Communication Turnbull Center in the White Stag block in Portland and in Gerlinger Hall on the University of Oregon campus.

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  • Research Interest Groups

    The Crossings Institute's Research Interest Groups (RIGs) incorporate multidisciplinary approaches to research which focus on transcultural studies, interreligious dialogue and peace. RIGs provide opportunities for scholars to collaborate in their research, course development and public outreach. Membership is open to University of Oregon faculty, graduate students and community members. Activities by RIGs can include, but are not limited to, the following: collaborations with UNESCO Chairs from the UNITWIN network on Interreligious Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding, hosting lectures, events or performances, collaborating on grant proposals for research, course development, or public programs, as well as sharing and discussing projects, writings and works-in-progress

  • Small Projects Grants

    The Crossings Institute offers small project grants available for faculty (up to $500) and graduates (up to $250) to support research in the field of intercultural dialogue and conflict sensitive reporting. Awards are made for the following purposes: travel to conferences to present papers, travel to library, museum and archival collections, research materials and expenses related to collaborative projects. The Crossings Institute supports research that takes interdisciplinary approaches to transcultural studies and interreligious dialogue as a means to promote peace. Crossings considers “intercultural dialogue” a broad field with multiple approaches, and thus encourages applicants from all disciplines

  • Intercultural Conversations

    The UNESCO Chair has sponsored Intercultural Conversations lunches over the past several years. These events are designed to encourage dynamic small-group discussions on a breadth of topics related to intercultural and interfaith dialogue. Two scholars from different disciplines briefly present on their related research topics before leading a round-table discussion.

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    Eugene, OR, USA - Eugene, OR, USA - Eugene, OR, USA