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The Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa

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  • أبروشية مصر وشمال أفريقيا والقرن الأفريقى

    • 5, Michele Lutfallah St, Zamalek, 11211, Egypt

    • Area Bishop for North Africa, St George's Church, 5 Ahmed Beyrem, 1006 Bab Souka, Tunis, Tunisia
      Area Bishop for the Horn of Africa, PO Box 14601, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Uphold the faith once delivered to the Saints and seek to grow together in love of God and our neighbours, rooted in Scripture, maturing in Christ, committing ourselves to mission in the world in the power of the Spirit; reach the unreached with the Gospel of Christ; grow Christ's church by making disciples and equipping leaders; serve our neighbours in Christ's name; work for unity among all Christians; dialogue with other faith communities.


The Anglican presence in Egypt owes itself to the Providence of God and great missionary evangelists. In 1819, the first CMS missionary to Egypt arrived and after meeting the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch and receiving letters of introduction to all monasteries in Egypt, he set out to visit the monks and distribute copies of the four Gospels in Arabic. Land was given to the Anglican Church by Mohammed Ali Pasha and St Mark's Anglican Church in Alexandria, Egypt was consecrated in on 17 December 1839. The Diocese of Egypt was originally part of the Diocese of Jerusalem, founded in 1841 by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Diocese of Egypt was given autonomy in 1920 and its first bishop was Llwellyn Gwynne (1920-1946).

IRD Activities

  • Anglican Communion - Al Azhar Al Sherif Dialogue

    Following September 11 2001, a historic document for establishing an interfaith dialogue committee between Al Azhar al-Sherif and the Anglican Communion was signed by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Egypt. Annual meetings take place each year, with the aim of furthering co-operation and understanding between Christianity and Islam

  • The Arkan Centre

    Based at St Mark's Pro-Cathedral in downtown Alexandria, the Arkan Centre is a place where Egyptian youth from all corners of society, both Christian and Muslim, come together and create art. The Arkan Centre supports talented young artists by providing facilities for producing and displaying youth artwork, and cultural and artistic workshops. In the Arkan Centre, artistic expression opens up forums for discussion that invite people to new perspectives and ideas: a quiet challenge to intolerant attitudes. As the lives of youth from many different backgrounds intersect, bridges of peace and friendship gradually replacing walls of intolerance and fear can be seen

  • The Imam-Priest Exchange

    The Imam-Priest Exchange is an interfaith initiative aims to facilitate mutual understanding between priests and imams, setting the precedent for peaceful relationships between Muslims and Christians. The desired outcomes are that each participating imam and priest would build a lasting friendship with a religious leader from the other faith, increase knowledge about the commonalities and differences, remove the negative stereotypes of the other's faith, increase knowledge of interfaith co-operation, and examples of successful initiatives, gain a fuller understanding of the other's religion and history, implement inter-faith initiatives in his local community, become an ambassador of peace in his local community, and share his knowledge and experience with others

  • Interfaith Initiatives

    The Diocese of Egypt sets in motion strategic initiatives developed by Egypt's religious leaders of working together for peace and dialogue toward a greater understanding between the different faiths they represent. These initiatives have included the publication of books that clarify misconceptions involving Christianity and Islam, an interfaith conference for religious leaders from Sub-Saharan and North Africa, a program in Christian and Muslim schools called 'Planting a Tree of Hope', a joint visit of the Grand Mufti and Bishop Mouneer to Liverpool Hope University, a cooperative Fighting Blindness campaign headed by Harpur Memorial Hospital and Islamic charity Misr el-Kheir, the annual Caravan Festival of the Arts, hosted at St John's Church in Maadi, aiming to use the arts as a bridge for intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, and All Saints' Cathedral in Zamalek has also hosted interfaith art exhibitions.

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