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The Elijah Interfaith Institute

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Foster peace between the world's diverse faith communities through interfaith dialogue, education, research and dissemination; generate interfaith dialogue at the highest levels, gather together religious leaders and renowned scholars from all over the world; organise research projects, public conferences and community-based initiatives; speak out on matters of global significance in a united religious voice.


Foundation in 1997 (The Elijah School for the Study of Wisdom in World Religions). Revision of Elijah in 2000 (The Elijah Interfaith Institute).

IRD Activities

  • The HOPE Center

    Jerusalem's first centre for education and spiritual life. Owned and shared by all religions. The House Of Prayer and Education is a means of training hearts and minds to openness to the other and to the ultimate other, a symbol and model for interfaith relations, and an invitation to jointly express in prayer the deepest aspirations of humanity and, above all, the aspiration for peace in Jerusalem and the entire world

  • HOPE Fellows

    Bringing together groups of scholars, seminarians and leaders from the world’s major religious traditions to spend an intense period living together, praying together, studying together and undertaking social justice projects together

  • Religious Genius

    The project seeks to engage the topic of the appreciation of special religious individuals from a perspective that is broader than just the individual faith perspective. It is to further develop the category 'Religious Genius', to elaborate a working model for it, to test it in multiple religions, to share it with religious leaders, and based on all the above - to present a long term research and dissemination project, that will feature 'Religious Genius' as an innovative approach to the study of saints and as an important site for interreligious dialogue

  • Religion in Contemporary Society

    This project brings together scholars to discuss a range of issues relevant to Religion's contribution to and impact upon society, considered from the perspective of interreligious collaboration

  • The Guerrand Hermes Forum for Interreligious Study of the Mystical and Spiritual Life

    The project provides a meeting place for religions in the heart of their religious life, rather than on the common battlefield of life. It holds the promise of growth and transformation through experience, sharing and emulation. And it suggests new ways for religions to understand themselves, thereby enriching our view of the possibilities for interfaith relations

  • Contemporary Theologies of World Religions

    The objective of this project is to provide the theological background in light of which interreligious dialogue can gain depth and substance. All religions are challenged to reconsider their views of other world religions in the context of the changing landscape of interreligious relations and of the world at large

  • Jewish-Muslim Relations

    The Elijah Interfaith Institute created a Muslim-Jewish Think Tank in preparation for the First Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace, which took place in Brussels in January 2005. The event's proceedings, proudly facilitated by the Elijah Interfaith Institute, were based on the preparatory concept paper, developed by the Think Tank

  • Media Projects

    EII creates media projects bringing interfaith and hope message from Jerusalem

  • Make Friends Across Religions

    On June 14th 2017, prominent religious leaders of the world released a joint statement aiming to reduce tension in societies around the globe The idea was inspired by the findings of an independent global study, which revealed the majority of religiously affiliated people feel positively toward members of other faiths, but they assume that followers of other faiths feel negatively toward them. That common assumption perpetuates a cycle of distance and mutual distrust, which most people do not wish to preserve. To help local communities implementing the Make Friends message, the Elijah Interfaith Institute developed two downloadable toolkits. One for religious leaders and the other for religious people.

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