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The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

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  • أبرشية مطرانية القدس

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Sustain and strengthen the Christian presence as teaching respect and concern for all people, bringing hope to many, regardless of faith, where the light of hope is often dim.


The history of Anglicanism in Jerusalem goes back to 1841. However, a proposal for the establishment of a permanent post in Jerusalem by the Church Missionary Society was under consideration as early as 1821. The first Bishop arrived in 1841. In 1845, the first Anglican Church (Christ Church, Jaffa Gate) of the city was dedicated. The Bishopric started as an Anglo-Prussian union in Jerusalem for Anglicans and Lutherans.

IRD Activities

  • Kids4Peace

    This programme includes meetings between Israeli and Palestinian families from both sides of the cultural and political divide. Children aged 10-12, from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim families, are introduced to each other, and engaged in fun and artistic activities. 'Kids4 Peace' is non-denominational, non-political, and non-partisan

  • Peace & Reconciliation Department

    The ministry is responsible for the dialogue and reconciliation between the different faith communities (Christians, Muslims, and Jews)

  • Connections for Peace

    The Zebabdeh Youth Group for Peace and Reconciliation has been established to explore a sense of identity for young people, in the context of a shrinking Christian community in the Holy Land, by connecting with students abroad and in their own community. Various trips have taken place to encourage a sense of connection with other communities. Sixteen young people from the village of Zebabdeh went to Ireland to connect and make friends with sixteen young Irish people from Ballinteer Community School in Dublin

  • Interfaith Meetings

    As member of the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land, which is an interfaith group composed of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders from the Holy Land, Bishop Suheil was invited by the State Department in Washington D.C. to participate in significant interfaith meetings there, aimed at furthering the cause of Arab/Israeli peace. Throughout these meetings, Bishop Suheil met with U.S. religious leaders, and members and staff of the House and Senate. The Council, made up of 15 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders of the Holy Land, is engaged in peace-building initiatives designed to decrease violence in the region and create an open dialogue for peace.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Israel - State of Palestine - Western Asia - USA - Dublin, Ireland - Zebabdeh, State of Palestine - Washington, DC, USA