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The Faith & Belief Forum

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build good relations between people of all faiths and beliefs, and to create a society where difference is celebrated.


Foundation in 1997 by Sir Sigmund Sternberg, the late Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi and Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke. It was originally a forum where religious and community leaders could meet. In 2018 the institution changed ist name to Faith & Belief Forum.

IRD Activities

  • Schools (Previously 3FF Schools) programme

    A) Encountering Faiths and Beliefs: 3FF's flagship workshop brings real-life experiences of faith, belief and identity into the classroom via a panel of trained speakers and an expert facilitator.B) School Workshops (previously Skills workshops): Our activities are designed to help young people build religious literacy, empathy, and skills for dialogue and communication. Our workshops also support the RE, PSHE and citizenship curricula, as well as SMSC, British Values and pastoral provision.C) School linking: The Faith & Belief Forum’s linking programme is run as part of The Linking Network

  • The teachers involved will be partnered with another teacher and class, who they will be working over the course of an academic year, to plan three ‘Link’ days.D) Teacher training (Discontinued)

    3FF offers training for teachers, head teachers and senior leaders in faith awareness and in dealing with sensitive or controversial issues.E)Supplementary Education Linking Programme: Matches students from different faith backgrounds to engage in dialogue about identity and community. We’ll partner you with another supplementary school and provide training and resources to plan meaningful interfaith encounters for your students.F)Amplify: Creating and strengthening safe spaces within educational institutions for exploring issues relating to faith, belief, identity, belonging, social trends and community in a rapidly interconnected and globalised world. This programme focusses on three active principles: Critical investigation, Creative expression and Access to Platforms

  • 3FF Training

    Popular training programmes include: A) Faith Awareness Training (Discontinued): A skills-based session on identity, values, language and principles for effective dialogue.B) Controversial Issues (Discontinued): Focus on Faiths & Beliefs: A safe space to explore controversial topics and learn the practical skills to navigate challenging discussions.C) Facilitation Training for Interfaith Practitioners & Educators (Discontinued): Equips practitioners and educators with the skills to deliver workshops, training and events.D) Bespoke Training & Taster Workshops: Bespoke packages for organisations wishing to develop programmes that meet their specific needs

  • 3FF Arts and Culture

    Programmes & events (Discontinued): A) The Urban Dialogues Exhibition – annual highlight showcasing work of emerging and established artists alongside specially commissioned works. Featuring performances, music and discussion, and tours and workshops for schoolchildren and young people. B) Urban Dialogues: Connect – creating opportunities for sharing and exchange between artists, educators and campaigners, and commissioning new collaborative work. C) Female Voices – event series creating opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds to meet and connect. D) The Mixed Up Chorus (Discontinued) – our intergenerational and intercultural 80-voice choir unites members and audiences through a love of music with regular performances, a global repertoire and collaborations with other artists

  • Universities

    A) ParliaMentors: ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme where teams of university students of different faiths and non-religious beliefs collaborate to create real social change while being mentored by MPs. Through expert-led training, support from local and national NGOs and access to Westminster, ParliaMentors gives students the networks and skills they need to affect real change in their communities, in their careers and in the political arena. B)MP Mentors 2007-18: We recruit MPs from across the political spectrum, who provide our students with a unique insight into politics through mentoring meetings, shadowing opportunities and exclusive access. C) ParliaMentors Alumni Network: The ParliaMentors Alumni Network consists of the 450+ leaders from diverse backgrounds that have graduated from our UN award winning programme since its inception in 2007. D)Faith and Believe Training for Universities: The Faith & Belief Forum’s Higher Education training offer takes advantage of 20 years of interfaith and training expertise, coupled with our UN award-winning work with student leaders. Our sessions equip and empower HE staff, Student Unions and students alike to: understand the complexity of faith, belief and identity and how it impacts campus life, create welcoming and inclusive environments and events, unlock the power of empathetic language for more effective intercultural communication, feel more confident to respond to controversial issues and facilitate sensitive discussions

  • Middle East (Former 3FF Middle East)

    A) Intercultural and Interreligious Relations in Israeli Healthcare (Former Hospitals programme): Each year we work with 200 participants (including hospital directors, heads of nursing schools, janitors and security guards, human resources professionals, neurologists, midwives, and social workers) within the Israeli healthcare system. Our workshops helps participants build their interfaith and intercultural competencies leading to enhanced patient outcomes. Our work takes place in hospitals around Israel including Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Ichilov in Tel Aviv and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Our work is delivered by a diverse team of facilitators who identify with arrange of different nationalities, faiths, cultural backgrounds and identities. These facilitators run workshops based on a methodology called Scriptural Reasoning. B) Young people's programme (Discontinued): The Young People's Programme brings University-age Jews, Christians and Muslims together for meaningful encounters based on the same Scriptural Reasoning methods as the Hospitals Programme

  • Community

    A) LGBT+Faith: This project provides a space to reflect, learn, and build your practice for working with and supporting LGBT+ people of faith. Through discussions with our expert interfaith facilitators and other professionals working in the LGBT+ sector, as well as video encounters with LGBT people of faith, you will improve your confidence and skills for creating inclusive spaces, having conversations about faith, and dealing with the specific challenges that may arise.B)Pizza and Plays: Join us this January for weekly creative writing and performing workshops run in partnership with the National Theatre. Workshops will provide a unique opportunity to explore themes of belief and identity through the lens of poetry and plays, and give you the skills and confidence to create your own work

  • Internships

    A) Internship programme: Interns’ learning and development is at the heart of the programme. Alongside wide-ranging and varied day-to-day tasks and projects that challenge and build their experience and skills, interns are provided with fortnightly skills-based training sessions and take part in our dynamic interfaith workshops

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