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The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

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    • Maale Shazach #7, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, Israel
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Catalyze a transition to a sustainable human society through the active leadership of faith communities; promote co-existence, peace, and sustainability through advocacy, education and action-oriented projects.


Founded in 2010, ICSD is based in Jerusalem

IRD Activities

  • . The Women’s Interfaith Ecology Project brings together young Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women in Jerusalem through workshops and events aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, strengthening trans-community relations, and overcoming religious differences

  • The Seminary Faith and Ecology Project

    This initiative promotes Christian, Muslim, and Jewish seminary education on faith and ecology. By focusing on the formation of the education and values of emerging clergy and faith leaders, ICSD seeks to create a multiplier effect that will spread to the student future communities and congregations. ICSD organizes workshops for seminary directors, faculty members, and students, as well as publishes issued the first-ever reports on faith and ecology courses in seminaries in North America, Rome, and the Holy Land.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Jerusalem, Israel - USA - Canada - Mexico - Rome, Italy - Jerusalem, Israel