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The Islamic- Christian National Committee

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The Islamic- Christian National Committee works on a human terrain for freedom and dialogue between the followers of the divinely revealed religions. It works in a land of life shared in common between Christians and Muslims, in which the aspirations and goodwill of all Lebanese come together and interact to build their state and political entity of basis of a free republican, parliamentary, democratic system, under the protection of complete equality in rights and duties between all people of one single country.


The Spiritual Summit held in Bkerke decided the creation of the Committee, grouping their respective representatives and having the task of ensure the continuality of the recommendations made, as well as continuous dialogue, and permanent liaison with the various Lebanese and international authorities, with the aim of achieving an unified vison vis-�-vis national problems and to consolidate Muslim- Christian coexistence through dialogue, in Lebanon and elsewhere.

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  • . Creation of the Islamic-Christian National Committee which brings together leaders of all Lebanese religious communities, Lebanon

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