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The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance

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Facilitate and promote access to resources through knowledge creation and dissemination; nurture progressive and value-driven leadership among marginalized Muslim youth.


The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance is an independent not for profit national youth network founded in November 2003 with a mandate to empower young Muslims through constructive engagement and participation in nurturing democratic, healthy, peaceful and just societies for all.

IRD Activities

  • Activities against violent extremism

    Alliance implementted a project "Building youth and community resilience against violent extremism" in Lamu area in Kenya. The project was supported by the U.S State Department and involved cooperation of the Alliance with communities and project implementers. Another project is called "Inuka!": Community-led security approaches to violent extremism, which focused on prevention of radicalization and violent extremism in the larger coastal area in Kenya. This project involved increased cooperation with goverment and communities in three counties: Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa. This project aimed to improve government's and communities' efforts in preventing violent extremism and radicalization. In addition, the project on countering violent extremism "Building Youth Resilience in countering violent extremism in Kwale and Mombasa county" aimed to strenghten youth resilience in countering violence extremism's narrative by training and supporting initiatives that will deter youth from joining extremists groups in Mombasa and Kwale. The activities of the project were based within two counties in the coast region through fostering a pervading culture of peace and security in the coast and creating an enabling environment for socio-economic development

  • Peace building

    The project, implemented under the peace-building and human security thematic area implies inter-cultural and inter-cultural East Africa exchange program "Credible Voices". This project targets young people, who ar elimited in their access to political processes, lack employment options and suffer from desperation. It creates an environment for radicalization, where youth are lured with diverse religious narratives, financial gain and hope. The exchange program provides religious and cultural leaders from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia an opportunity to meet and share the best practices, resources and expertise in order to counter violent extremism.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Lamu, Kenya - Uganda - Kenya - Tanzania - Somalia