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The Open House of Ramle

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Provide educational and social opportunities to Arab children and their families through the Center for the Development of the Arab Child; be a place of encounter and cooperation between Jews and Arabs in the Ramle-Lod area through the Center for Jewish-Arab Coexistence.


OPEN HOUSE Center in Ramle was founded in 1991 to further peace and coexistence among Israeli Arabs and Jews in this mixed city of 75,000 residents, 22% of which are Arabs.

IRD Activities

  • Masaar – The Journey

    The Journey is meant to open young Arabs and Jews to the experience and narrative of The Other. As a rule, the young people are exposed only to the narratives and attitudes of their own community. It takes enormous courage, in the Israeli Palestinian context, to bear the pain of what we have done to each other throughout a prolonged conflict. It is natural to become defensive under such circumstances. Listening, acknowledgement, empathy, these are the qualities that we aim to seed in The Journey

  • Olive Tree Project

    The Center worked with 2 schools–a Hebrew school and an Arab school to create olive tree sculptures for each other

  • Jewish-Arab Parents' Network

    The Parents' Network creates a nucleus of coexistence advocates within the local community by forging friendships between Jewish and Arab residents of Ramle. Fifty adults (sometimes joined by their 35 children) participate in weekend family outings to nature sites around the country, holiday celebrations, and regular meetings at Open House to hear guest speakers and exchange views

  • Young Leaders Training Course

    The greater Ramle environs have a very heterogeneous makeup in which different communities (religious, secular, Ethiopian, Russian, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs) live parallel lives but rarely meet and interact. The level of dialogue, if at all, is superficial and occasional. Open House sees itself as a neutral location where fruitful dialogue and shared community, based on understanding and acceptance, can truly exist. The Young Leadership Program brings together Arab and Jewish youth, ages 15-19, from Ramle and neighboring communities, for a wide variety of shared activities, leadership training, and community projects

  • Summer Peace Camp

    The Open House Summer Peace Camp enriches the educational and recreational possibilities for Arab and Jewish children, with about 100 peace campers.

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