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The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights

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  • Oslosenteret for fred og menneskerettigheter

    • Øvre Slottsgate 11. NO-0157 Oslo, Norway
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Promote a world consisting of stable democracies respecting equality, human dignity, and human rights.


Founded 9th January 2006.

IRD Activities

  • Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites

    In cooperation with One World in Dialogue, Religions for Peace, and Search for Common Ground, the Oslo Center has developed a Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites. Many conflicts around the world cannot be solved unless special attention is paid to holy sites. Consequently, there is a need for a mechanism to regulate and protect holy sites and help to prevent and minimise conflicts. A universally implemented Code of Conduct on Holy Sites could be used to promote peace and reconciliation between people of different ethnic and religious communities and diverse nationalities. Visible inter-religious respect and cooperation around a Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites, therefore, would not only increase the possibility of people visiting their sacred places safely, but also minimise religious tension internationally and act as a model for further cooperative efforts. Furthermore, political acceptance for such a code would provide support to religious leaders attempting to safeguard holy sites and could diminish the negative role of religion within political tensions as well.

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