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The Pluralism Project

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    • 2 Arrow Street, 4th floor, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
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Recognise the local impact of the global, and the global impact of the local; broaden our network to include international academic affiliates, finding synergies with research and study projects at centres and universities in other countries; engaged in identifying a range of projects, centres, and institutes around the world that also focus on the promise and challenge of religious pluralism; plan to get an overview of the architecture of this growing group of institutions.


Launch of the project: 1991. In 2005, four research initiatives were launched: the interfaith initiative, the civic Initiative, the Women's Initiative, and the International Initiative.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Community and Leadership Seminar

    This seminar invites theological school students from Greater Boston to develop skills for interfaith organising and community-building

  • Women's Networks Initiative

    The Pluralism Project has convened a series of multi-religious consultations with women leaders, activists, and academics. In giving voice to women who are developing new forms of civic and religious leadership, these events have provided a much-needed forum where participants have forged new linkages and identified common ground.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Boston, MA, USA - USA