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The Rabbinical Assembly

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Publish learned texts, prayerbooks, and works of Jewish interest; administers the work of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards for the Conservative movement; serve the professional and personal needs of its membership through publications, conferences, and benefit programmes; coordinate the Joint Placement Commission of the Conservative movement; serve congregations throughout the world, and also work as educators, officers of communal service organisations, and college, hospital, and military chaplains.


The Rabbinical Assembly, first established in 1901 by graduates of the rabbinical school of the Jewish Theological Seminary, is the international association of Conservative/Masorti rabbis.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious Partnerships - National

    In the United States, the National Council of Synagogues (composed of representatives from RA and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations) meets regularly to plan dialogues and discussions with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, with the National Council of Churches, and with other major religious groups. Each meeting revolves around an area of common study examining papers and discussions, as well as contemporary issues and concerns. Every attempt is made to emerge from such meetings with statements that reflect a common concern or agenda as well as the development of common programmatic thrusts. One such effort between the National Council of Synagogues and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops has resulted in a six part video series to expose the points of commonality and difference between Catholics and Jews. The videos are to be used on the congregational level as tools for educational discussion

  • Interreligious Partnerships - International

    In the international arena, RA participates with other religious streams and several major organisations in the International Jewish Committee for Interfaith Consultation. Under IJCIC auspices, discussions are held directly with representatives of the Vatican, the Orthodox Church, Protestant world leadership, and world religious leadership. RA sends representation to these bodies and, in 2003-2004, was chairing both bodies

  • Resolutions

    Each year the Rabbinical Assembly passes a number of resolutions on pressing matters impacting the countries and regions where Jews live, the State of Israel and the future of a shared world. Passing the resolutions allows the RA to take positions on inyanei d'yoma (issues of the day) in a variety of arenas including US domestic policy, and on occasion in other countries, global issues and matters affecting the State of Israel. Here is a list of resolutions that the RA has passed with regards to interreligious dialogue and relations: 'Proclamation Congratulating Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio on His Election as Pope', 'Resolution on the Presbyterian Church (USA) Middle East Study Committee Report', 'Resolution on the Revised Latin Text on the Jews', 'Resolution on Interfaith Relations', 'Resolution on Anti-Semitism and Divestment', 'Resolution In Support of Faith in Action Project', as well as the 'Resolution on Interreligious Dialogue'.

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