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The UNESCO C. Malaga Education Culture and Peace Club

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  • Club para la UNESCO C. M�laga Educaci�n Cultura y Paz

    • Salom�n 8 29013 Malaga
  • unesco-malaga

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1. To publicize the activities carried out by UNESCO in the fields of education, science, culture and communication, maintaining its independence from all political parties and religious and philosophical groups; 2. Contribute to peace and security by strengthening, through education, science and culture, collaboration among nations, in order to ensure universal respect for justice, the law, and fundamental rights and freedoms that without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, the Charter of the United Nations recognizes all the peoples of the world; 3. Foster international understanding, solidarity, cooperation and world peace, through the recognition of national cultures and the cultural heritage of humanity; 4. Participate in the integral development of the local, provincial, regional, national and international through direct relationships with similar organizations; 5. Encourage and participate in human development processes, putting into practice actions aimed at contributing to a more just and participatory society through the promotion of cooperation, development with the most disadvantaged countries, through training, education , research and adaptation of transferable technologies to local conditions; 6. In particular, contribute and participate in the defense and protection of the environment, and artistic heritage of the territorial area that is its own, and in general, in any other area territorial.



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  • . Advisory to the forum for religious pluralism and signatory of its foundation, Malaga, Spain

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