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The United Church of Canada

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  • La Iglesia Unida de Canada; L'Église Unie du Canada; A Kanadai Egyesült Egyház; カナダ合同教会に; 캐나다 연합교회에; E Kkanisa Engatte eya Canada; 加拿大聯合教會

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Develop an immense body of policy related to social, political, and ecological issues. These policies speak of how to live out their faith in light of the challenges the world faces at any given time.


Disagreements about theology and practice eventually led to the three major streams of Christian churches that exist today. All three trace their history to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and his early followers. The Roman Catholic Church identifies a direct connection between Peter, Jesus' disciple, and the popes of today. The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches diverged at the beginning of the second millennium. In the 16th century, Pastor Martin Luther and like-minded followers broke away from the Roman Catholic Church, beginning the Protestant movement that saw the rise of many denominations in many countries. In 1925, three of these Protestant denominations, the Methodist, Congregationalist, and two-thirds of the Presbyterian churches in Canada amalgamated to create The United Church of Canada through an Act of Parliament. The agreement between these different traditions is found in the Basis of Union. Since 1925, other smaller groups of churches and individual congregations have joined The United Church of Canada, so that there are approximately 3,200 United Churches in Canada today.

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    The United Church has partnerships with churches, agencies, ecumenical organizations, and interfaith groups around the world. Through the Canadian Council of Churches, KAIROS, and other ecumenical organizations, Canadian churches join to explore issues of faith and act toward justice, peace, and integrity of creation. The United Church of Canada works together in ministry with many other Christian denominations. Find out more about our formal partnerships and agreements with other churches. The United Church participates in interfaith dialogue and action through local, national, and global organizations. The church has published major statements and study guides on whole world ecumenism and the United Church’s relations with Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu religions.

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