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The World Council of Muslim Communities

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TWMCC aims to activate the cultural role of Muslim societies in non-Muslim countries to promote the values of citizenship and multiculturalism


In order to consolidate the elements of the national affiliation as the defense of national unity and stability, became an urgent need to start the pursuit of a pioneering global initiative to promote the concept of citizenship and its values among the members of Muslim communities as an essential component in the development of their countries and to correct the stereotypical image of Islam and Muslims, and to ensure their natural rights to practice their religious and ethnic minorities, thus guaranteeing the right of societies of cultural and religious pluralism. In order to achieve this, and based on the cultural message of the United Arab Emirates aimed at spreading the culture of peace to achieve community security, and inspired by its pioneering international initiatives to promote the values of coexistence and mutual respect among the peoples of the world, and to promote tolerance and dialogue between followers of religions and cultures, held by international and Islamic organizations on the subject of Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries, Abu Dhabi is launching a global institutional initiative for the World Council of Muslim Communities to be an institutional entity that enhances the role of Muslims and elevates their practice in their societies as well as international forums.

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