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Together with Mary: Building a culture of encounter between Christians and Muslims

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  • Chrétiens et Musulmans, Ensemble avec Marie

    • 104 Rue de Vaugiard, Paris, France
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Inspired by the creation of a holiday in 2007 in Lebanon, which celebrated the occasion of the common feast of the Annunciation, in March 2015 Efesia initiated a gathering of more than 800 Christians and Muslims in the Basilica of Longpont sur Orge to celebrate Marie - Myiram under the title: "Together with Mary". Today, Efesia provides animation and federates the group "Together with Mary".


The association EFESIA, chaired by Gérard Testard, works for a "culture of encounter", especially with Muslims. It is the initiative of "Together with Mary" in France, Belgium and various African countries, and legally carries this project, with a joint animation: Muslims and Christians.

IRD Activities

  • Meeting with the Muslims

    through encounters and strong links with other Christian communities and religions, Efesia members welcomed the charism of the meeting, the main axis of the teaching of Pope Francis who calls the Church to meet the world, this autenthic approach can trigger new and deep religious and societal dialogues.

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