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Turquoise Harmony Institute

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    • 7th Floor, Radisson Blu Hotel, Cnr Rivonia Road & Daisy Street, Sandton, Johannesburg

    • 46 Wingfield Avenue, Birdhaven, Johannesburg, South Africa
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To build bridges and pathways between different cultures; wide enough to allow everyone to walk towards each other and embrace each another in complete harmony.


Turquoise Harmony Institute was originally established in 2006 as Interfaith Foundation of South Africa (IFSA) in order to foster relations among different faith and cultural traditions to contribute to the well being of humanity.

IRD Activities

  • Dialogue & Friendships Dinner

    Since 2005, the Institute has hosted its annual “Friendship and Dialogue” dinners which are held to highlight the progress of intercultural and interfaith dialogue and peace. They include the participation of esteemed guests and people from different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and political affiliations. These gatherings have become a powerful symbolism of the Turquoise Harmony Institute, and its aim of achievement genuine social cohesion, tolerance, understanding and collaboration

  • Ubuntu Lecture and Dialogue Awards

    Turquoise Harmony Institute hosts an award programme titled "Ubuntu Lecture and Dialogue Awards". Before presenting awards, a prominent leader of society and thought presents an Ubuntu Lecture and the recipients are presented with the awards. Annual dialogue awards are meant as recognition of individuals' contribution to establishment and progress of peace, dialogue, and social cohesion in society. These awards are given in various categories such as Interfaith, art, media, academia, sports, community work, human rights, and Gulen Peace award

  • Excursions to Turkey

    The Institute organises a variety of intercultural and interreligious study tours and excursions to Turkey to witness first-hand the grand history of civilization which has coexisted through millennia. The excursions are aimed at educating and informing participants through direct interaction and activities. Participatory groups are encouraged to learn and observe the traditional and modern practices – which can be used as a catalyst for encouraging them to participate and develop relationships with various organizations who are involved in inter-faith and inter-cultural activities. During their visits to Turkey, the group participates in a number of intimate home visits and planned opportunities for professional networking along with an in-depth and extensive guided historical and cultural exploration of the country

  • Interfaith Ramadan Iftars

    In order to experience and capture the spirit of Ramadan. The Institute arranged for various inter-faith communities to experience the blessed month by inviting them to fast-breaking dinners. These inter-faith dinners are attended by representatives of various churches, synagogues and other faith-based communities. These events are used to promote the concept of understanding and tolerance, regardless of our different faith affiliations.

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