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Ufuk Dialogue Foundation

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    • Aguiyi Ironsi Street, 77/B Abuja - Maitama, Nigeria
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Foster interfaith and intercultural dialogue, stimulate thinking and exchange of opinions on supporting and fostering democracy and peace all over the world and provide a common platform for education and information exchange; promote peace in the world and contribute to a peaceful coexistence of the adherents of different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and races; promote education, exchange of information, opinions and expertise, with a special focus on including as diverse a range of viewpoints as possible in our activities; organize conferences, seminars, panel discussions, common projects, scholarships, publications, meetings, trips and several other activities; promote the Fountain Magazine in Nigeria which is an initiative magazine of science and spiritual thought and bimonthly periodical, exploring life and our existence from a wide scholarship of humanities, natural sciences and perspectives on faith.


Ufuk Dialogue Foundation was founded in 2011 in Nigeria.

IRD Activities

  • Dialogue and Peace Awards

    Ufuk Dialogue Foundation has presented prestigious Awards of 2014 Peace & Dialogue on 8 different categories. These were for the recognition of peoples contributions in fostering dialogue, peace, mutual understanding

  • Dialogue and Peace Iftar Dinner

    The dinners are organized by UFUK Dialogue in Abuja. The iftar dinners emphasize the importance of dialogue and peace between different religions, members and nations

  • Interfaith Platform

    UFD organizes study trips to Turkey. Interfaith excusions to Turkey aim to share the values of religions shared by billions of believers. The differences are seen as richness and the similarities as a bridge among faiths. Furthermore, Ufuk Dialogue Foundation in collaboration with Vefa Tourism helped in creating more awearness of the biblical places in Turkey by organizing presentations in various places in Nigeria.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Abuja, Nigeria - Abuja, Nigeria - Kaduna, Nigeria - Lagos, Nigeria - Istanbul, Turkey - Izmir, Turkey