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UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue

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  • Associació UNESCO per al Diàleg Interreligiós

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Foster knowledge, interfaith dialogue and cooperation between different faiths in Catalonia, from the perspective of the culture of dialogue and peace.


AUDIR was created with the help and under the umbrella of the interreligious dialogue group of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia, which had existed since 1997. It was established as an association with its own legal personality in December 1999.

IRD Activities

  • Catalan Parliament of Religions

    Held in Catalan-speaking territories and gathering organisations from Spain, Andorra, and France, it aims to favour not only the exchange between religious traditions and secular worldviews, but especially the pedagogy of dialogue among religions oriented towards a culture of peace and coexistence. The Catalan Parliament of Religions is intended to be an expression of sincere willingness to host in fruitful and creative dialogue ways of understanding religion in a pluralistic society such as the Catalan, in the conviction that dialogue will make possible that we work together effectively to achieve a more humane society and in coexistence. It is inspired in the Parliament of the World's Religions, which was held in Barcelona in 2004. Therefore, it combines religious and spiritual practices, artistic performances, exhibitions, round tables, conferences, and workshops, ensuring religious and cultural diversity

  • Interreligious Dialogue Groups

    AUDIR promotes, advises, and coordinates standing dialogue groups which meet regularly, to deal with issues of interest related to the field of religious traditions, beliefs and convictions. These groups include a youth interfaith group, a women's interfaith group, a sustainability interfaith group, an Abrahamic interfaith group, and an interfaith commission on religious education

  • Interfaith Peace Choir

    Comprised of more than 50 singers from different religious traditions, beliefs, and convictions, the Choir wants to become a source of musical training a meeting point for coexistence, friendship, and personal enrichment. The aim is to show our multicultural and multirreligious society that the culture of dialogue and peace is a very valuable and urgent challenge. From 2007 to 2014, it has given more tan 30 concerts and most of the performances have taken place in interreligious or humanistic events

  • Catalan Network of Organisations for Interreligious Dialogue

    This network, coordinated by AUDIR, brings together 17 organisations and permanent interreligious groups in the Catalan-speaking area. The main objective is the practice and dissemination of dialogue between the different religions

  • Interreligious Training

    AUDIR offers training through courses, conferences, seminars and training modules on demand (ad hoc). The topics of the courses include religious diversity, interreligious dialogue, interreligious conflict mediation, and prevention of religious radicalisation. Training courses are addressed to workers from the sectors of healthcare, education, security forces, justice and social work, both in the private and public administration

  • Interfaith Traveling Exhibitions

    Three traveling exhibitions throughout Catalonia which aim to raise awareness on religious diversity and interreligious dialogue in this region

  • Spirituality and Aids

    This programme aims to raise awareness and to promote the engagement of the different religions, spiritual expressions, convictions, and beliefs against Aids, welcoming those affected and their families, through personal attention and spiritual accompaniment by an interfaith team. In addition, AUDIR organises an Interreligious Meeting on World Aids Day every year, which becomes a space for dialogue, reflection and prayer around Aids, and which includes presentations by experts on the subject and contributions from the different religious traditions that take part in the interfaith prayer.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Barcelona, Spain - Manresa, Spain - Alicante, Spain - Lleida, Spain - Perpignan, France - Spain - Spain - Spain - Andorra - France - Spain - Spain - Spain