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UNESCO Chair in Religious Pluralism and Peace

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    • John XXIII Foundation for Religious Studies (Fscire), Via San Vitale 114, 40125 Bologna, Italy
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Seek to deepen the multidisciplinary understanding of religious issues, stressing, among others, the relevant role of history as a tool to understand diversity and to be able to accept pluralism as a key to human culture.


In 2003 the UNESCO Chair for Religious Pluralism and Peace has been entrusted by the Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University to Prof. Dr.Giuseppe Alberigo, director of the John XXIII Foundation for Religious Studies. From October 1, 2009 the Chair was held by Prof. Dr. Alberto Melloni, who succeeded to Giuseppe Alberigo in 2003. On October 2012 the Chair was assigned to Pier Cesare Bori, professor of Moral Philosophy and Human Rights at the University of Bologna and affiliated researcher at Fscire. From January 2013 the Chair is held again by Prof. Dr. Alberto Melloni.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious Dialogue

    Since its establishment, the Chair started a program of lectures offered to the great masters of spiritual life and leaders a peaceful encounter between different faiths as part of the UNESCO Chair program. The Chair invites lecturers such as leading theologians in the field of inter-religious encounter for holding Lectio Magistralis about the benefits of cooperative pluralism and the respect for diversity in a perspective of a peaceful society

  • Promotion of the Second Mile of Interreligious Dialogue

    An international conference with all the research centers, experts and diplomats focusing on the “Second Mile of Religious dialogue” may offer the opportunity to sign a common commitment in order to instill in the European society a profound knowledge of religious texts, traditions, cults and regulations under terms of compatible truths.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Italy - Western Europe - Eastern Europe - Southern Europe - Northern Europe