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UNESCO Chair on Comparative Studies of Religions

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  • Chaire UNESCO d'étude comparative des religions

    • Université de Tunis, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Tunis, 8 place aux chevaux, El-Gorjani, Tunis, 1089 Tunisia
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Ensure a high level education from a multidisciplinary and comparative approach of religions and their cultures so as to give a training excluding any form of syncretism or proselytism; increase the awareness on the importance of inter-religious dialogue and joint research on religious issues; help the religions to contribute more actively to a culture and an education for peace on an international scale, to the promotion of a sustainable human development and to the learning of tolerance.


The UNESCO Chair on Comparative Studies of Religions was established in 1998 at the University of Tunis I.

IRD Activities

  • Public Lectures

    The Chair organizes public lectures for students and the wider public on the development of science, the history of religions, modern research methods and reflections and current theories in this field. These conferences familiarize the Tunisian public with world religions, in order to foster a spirit of tolerance and mutual understanding and to enable a better understanding of religious plurality and diversity

  • Master of Comparative Studies of Religions and Civilizations

    This Master was adopted by the Council of Universities in Tunisia on 17 May 2004, set up and led by Professor Mohammed Haddad. It is an innovative experiment in the Arab world, where Islam and other religions are generally taught separately, in the frame of their respective traditions. This Master offers a historical-critical approach, from the perspective of comparative religions. The Master was inaugurated on 18 October 2004 in a public course, given by a distinguished guest, Professor Arkoun

  • International Scientific Workshops

    The Chair organizes international scientific workshops every year. Some of the past workshops have been: ‘Dialogue with the Other, Scrutinizing Yourself: Education and Progress in Islam and Christianity', ‘Religions and Religious Reforms', ‘Social Responsibility of Religions', ‘Teaching Religions in the Age of Globalization' and ‘Religions without Borders'.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Tunisia - Tunisia - Tunisia - Jordan