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United Evangelical Mission

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  • Vereinigte Evangelische Mission; Mission Évangélique Unie

    • Rudolfstrasse 137, 42285 Wuppertal, Germany

    • Jln. Selamet Ketaren 100, Medan 20371, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
      Luther House, 2nd floor, Sokoine Drive, PO Box 75240, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Meet the missionary challenges of today; maintain a genuine, consistent and egalitarian partnership; support partnerships between parishes and church districts in Africa, Asia and Germany.


With our roots in the work of the Rhenish Mission (since 1828), the Bethel Mission (since 1886), and the Zaire Mission, we have been a modern, international communion of churches since 1996, sharing equally among all member churches.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious Dialogue

    Although UEM is committed to its faith, dealing respectfully with other religions is a matter of course for UEM. UEM seeks constructive dialogue and shows by example how people can all live together in peace. Living together in peace is not always easy. In Indonesia, for example, there is religious freedom but there are still attacks on churches. In predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, the member church – the Methodist Church – does not have it easy. But confrontation is of as little use there as it is in Germany. Around the globe, UEM is committed to speaking with neighbours of other faiths. In a variety of community projects UEM has already been able to demonstrate that peaceful cooperation is possible. On the island of Java, for example, where member churches are in a minority position, Christians and Muslims live and work together in church organised projects and institutions peacefully and cooperative

  • “Get Together” (“ZusammenSetzen”)

    The idea behind the project is the encounter of religions and culture. People can invite each other at home using the opportunity for mutual exchange and to become acquainted with each other. The aims of the project are to talk to each other – instead of talking about each other - in order to examine and rethink own perspectives and possible prejudices, but also to discover similarities and develop common perspectives for living together in Wuppertal. Several mutual visits to families, but also between cultural associations, churches and mosques have already been taken place. The results are lasting contacts, friendships and collaborations.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Sri Lanka - Indonesia - Germany - Wuppertal, Germany