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United Sikhs

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Transform, alleviate, educate and protect the lives of underprivileged, individuals and minority communities impacted by disasters, natural or man-made, suffering from hunger, illiteracy, diseases, or from violation of civil and human-rights into informed and vibrant members of society by fostering sustainable programs regardless of color, race, religion or creed.


United Sikhs began in 1999 when a group of Sikhs from the New York metropolitan area banded together to assist in the socio-economic development of immigrant communities in Queens, New York. Today, United Sikhs is a grass-roots organisation with chapters in America, Asia and Europe that pursue projects for the spiritual, social and economic empowerment of underprivileged and minority communities.

IRD Activities

  • Advocacy And Humanitarian Aid Academy

    Every year, United Sikhs hosts the next generation of human rights advocates in Washington D.C. for a week of hands-on civic engagement and culturally significant events designed to empower college students to become leaders for the Sikh Community in both government and private sectors. Organisation works with leading government agencies and non-profit organizations to provide a unique grassroots experience for the Academy. In 2019 the Summit focused on topics of global disaster relief best practices, Sikhs in American History, how to combat hate crimes and violations of religious freedom, as well as self-identification in U.S. Census statistics

  • Sikh Awareness Through Libraries initiative

    Sikh Awareness Through Libraries (SATL) aims to improve the availability of information on Sikh culture, history and religion via multimedia resources – books, DVDs, CDs and microfilms. Under the SATL project, these resources will be made available in public and private libraries, including those in schools, universities and other educational institutions, throughout the world. The objective of the project is to reach out to various demographics through multiple media to provide global access to reliable and complete information on Sikhs. Multifaith initiatives at schools and the public and private sector have proved to be necessary and useful. United Sikhs is confident that awareness about Sikhs will reach the general population faster through books and resources on Sikh culture, history and religion at libraries

  • Research Project

    This project is aimed at nurturing thought provoking and contemporary theosophic research through an academic mentoring programme. Since its inception in November 2004 the project has created a unique distinction for itself in the local and state-level Sikh academic and intellectual circle. The programme is furthering the cause of new research in Sikh thought philosophy and its interpretation in the contemporary world. Project's weekly lectures and regular seminars are undertaken in the city of Amritsar, aimed at postgraduate level student audience converging from varied academic backgrounds. The divergent backgrounds of the students bring about a stimulating environment forming a basis of thought provoking discussion in Sikh theology and comparative religious studies

  • Anti-Bullying Campaign

    The Anti-Bullying Campaign at United Sikhs is a two-fold national campaign aiming to proactively assist Sikh victims of bullying while educating non-Sikh students about Sikhism. The campaign has successfully been launched by volunteers and staff in different regions who have been going to Gurudwaras to teach Sikh students how to cope with and handle bullying through topics of mental health, statistics, and resources. Presentations on Sikhism are also made at schools across the country to proactively educate non-Sikh students about Sikhism to avoid future cases of bullying. Presentations explain the articles of faith, their significance, and the importance of treating others the way one would want to be treated. These presentations are also being given to libraries as a resource

  • Minorities and Indigenous Rights

    United Sikhs works to raise awareness of the plight of minorities across the world, specifically those who are suffering because of their religious convictions, or because they belong to a minority ethnic group. Organisation makes its knowledge of such minorities available to the societies in which minorities are currently suffering, and aims to educate the wider public about their plight to help improve their treatment. For example, there were done following activities: Right to Kirpan campaign, Right to religious freedom in Panjab, Media coverage on Kirpan cases in the UK, and guidelines and reports were produced on topics, related to the passenger screening at airports, carrying of the Kirpan in Australia, Denmark and Barcelona.

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