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Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

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    • PO Box 1039, Bethlehem, State of Palestine
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Help to resolve disputes within the Palestinian community by complementing the traditional Arab form of mediation, called Sulha, with Western models of conflict resolution within the occupied and oppressed state of Palestine; provide services for women and children and seek to educate the local community on human equality and basic rights.


The Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center began operation in March of 1995. “Wi'am” in Arabic means “cordial relationships,” and developing relationships is the essence of our mission.

IRD Activities

  • Citizen Diplomacy

    Wi'am works to promote international relationships and people-to-people diplomacy, or citizen diplomacy. The aim is to encourage people travel to Palestine, participate in home stays with Palestinian families, and engage in volunteer opportunities with Palestinian NGOs. Wi'am organises programmes that give groups and individuals unique insight into the complex historical, cultural, social, political, and religious aspects of the Holy Land. Wi'am encourages a dialogue of cultures and religions in addition to a wide range of programmes for groups to meet with Palestinian and Israeli representatives in order to understand the political situation. Wi'am seeks to promote human encounters and cultural tourism with an alternative to ordinary tours

  • Youth Program

    The Wi’am Youth Program continues to grow and reach out to young people (ages 18-30) in Palestine, as well as in international arenas. Whether it be through international youth exchanges, social activism, non-violence training, or voluntary service, it is clear that young people are hungry for opportunities to learn and are eager to creatively give back to their communities. Through weekly meetings and workshops, Wi’am provides opportunities to discuss and learn about topics such as Non-Violence, Democracy, Human Rights, Dialogues of Cultures and Religions, Gender Issues, Civil Society Empowerment, Advocacy, International Perspectives, Regional and Global Issues, Justice, Reconciliation, and Intercommunity Relationships

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