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World Council of Muslim Communities

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Guide the Islamic work and activities; organise the efforts of the Islamic Ummah (nation) to be in service to just Islamic issues; develop Islamic action to match the divine mission of the the Islamic civilisation; assure unity of the human family; achieve the understanding among people; activate the divine values to achieve human dignity; achieve security and justice on the earth according to will of Almighty Allah.

IRD Activities

  • Tolerance and Solidarity for all Religions Project

    A series of lectures that have been delivered all over the world on the level of heads of state, ambassadors, governments, UN NGOs, grassroots, public, and clergy. The underlying theme has been toward education for tolerance and understanding, dialogue and cooperation among civilizations, and the role of religions in evolving a peaceful world, with the United States playing a pivotal role in building cordial relationships with all communities of the world. Part of the program was supervising and conducting symposia, conferences, and dialogues worldwide, carrying the work to Europe, Africa, Asia, and other locations, especially working with the team of specialists in Saudi Arabia, Barcelona (Spain), Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Africa.

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