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World Faith

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Deincentivise religious violence by mobilising religiously diverse youth to fight global poverty.


World Faith was founded in 2008.

IRD Activities

  • Dialogue Through Action

    World Faith mobilises religiously diverse young people to collaborate on projects addressing abject poverty

  • Opportunities for Humanisation

    World Faith creates safe spaces for young people to collaborate across faith lines through the shared values of service

  • 3.With growth across South Asia and Africa, World Faith realized that its vision for interfaith action cannot be complete without early-childhood education. World Faith started with the Rainbow School in Deli with 17 students and through this activity organisation expanded its education program to support education of about 300 children in four countries, including Indonesia, Kenya, and the Gambia. It resulted into initiative to redesign organisation’s educational program from top to bottom to leverage it for social change.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    World - USA - Nigeria - Burkina Faso - Uganda - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Kenya - Malawi - Indonesia - India - Bangladesh - Pakistan - India - Indonesia - Kenya - Gambia