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World Faiths Development Dialogue

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    • Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs- Georgetown University, 3307 M St, Ste 200, 20007, Washington, DC, USA
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Bridge between the worlds of faith and secular development; support dialogue and conferences; foster communities of practice; collect case-studies on faith-based organisations; promote understanding in religion and development.


Established in 1998 by James D. Wolfensohn, then President of the World Bank, and Lord George Carey, then Archbishop of Canterbury, The World Faiths Development Dialogue(WFDD) bridges between the worlds of faith and secular development. WFDD operated from 2000-2006 as a registered charity in the United Kingdom.WFDD’s trustees decided in mid-2005 that the United Kingdom location was not optimal for achieving WFDD’s objectives and therefore decided to reconstitute the WFDD as a US-based organization.WFDD operates today as an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C. It is based at Georgetown University,

IRD Activities

  • Religion and Global Development

    In close partnership with the Berkley Center at Georgetown University, the program tracks the engagement of religious communities and faith-inspired organisations around global policy challenges and brings together stakeholders to examine best practices and advance collaboration

  • Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Pilot Project

    It aims to engage local community interfaith groups in HFHI efforts to provide adequate shelter for all. WFDD preformed an evaluation of HfHI's interfaith work in the United States

  • Cambodia Country-Level Mapping

    Cambodia was the first Country-Level Mapping project featured in WFDD's Religion and Global Development Program which aims to identify and describe various faith actors involved in development in the country, as well as the role of religion in development

  • Global Mapping of Faith-Inspired Organisations and Development

    Through a series of reports, in-depth interviews with practitioners, and international workshops, and an interactive database, the mapping project charts organisations anchored in particular faith traditions or with ecumenical or interfaith approaches that are engaged in global development agendas, including poverty relief, education, and the struggle against HIV/AIDS and malaria

  • Faith and International Family Planning

    WFDD explores the complexity of family planning issues across the globe, as well as at the country level, to fill gaps of knowledge regarding permissibly of family planning methods and the involvement of faith actors

  • The Role of Religion and Faith Actors in the Ebola

    Through a series of consultations and policy briefs, the Berkley Center and the World Faiths Development Dialogue are exploring responses of faith actors and communities in Ebola-affected countries, as well as the role of religion in the crisis. The goal is to develop ideas for improving efficiency and outreach that engages key religious leaders and faith-inspired organizations, as well as the broader faith and interfaith networks within the countries concerned

  • Women, Religion, and Family

    To better understand the nexus of women, religion, and the family, the Berkley Center and the World Faiths Development Dialogue have launched an initial exploration through diverse essays and interviews to examine challenging topics and puzzling patterns that are often overlooked, neglected, or misunderstood.

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