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World Scout Bureau – European Scout Region

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  • Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme - Région Européenne du Scoutisme

    • PO Box 327, Rue Henri-Christiné 5, 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland

    • Rue de l'Industrie 10, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
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Assist the World Organization in fostering the Scout Movement in Europe.


Accredited representatives of National Scout Organizations, being members of the World Scout Conference and operating in the geographical area of Europe, as defined by the World Scout Committee, met in Altenberg in 1960 and agreed on a closer cooperation amongst themselves. The principles on which such cooperation would be based were laid down in Hove, England in 1962 in an instrument known as “The Hove Document”. At the European Scout Conference held in Baden in 1970, it was decided to establish the European Scout Region of the Scout Movement.

IRD Activities

  • The World Scout Inter-religious Symposium

    The World Scout Inter-religious Symposium (WSIS) is a gathering of representatives of National Scout Organizations and religious networks. It helps reinforce the value of Scouting as an institution promoting interreligious dialogue, tolerance, solidarity and peace. The WSIS furthers co-operation and understanding of interreligious issues throughout the Scout Movement. The 1st WSIS was held in the European Region. There were participants representing 33 National Scout Organizations from five of the six WOSM regions and 12 religious denominations

  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Priority

    Provide opportunities to network on specific issues of importance to National Scout Organizations and Associations including our fundamental principles, understanding of spiritual development and relationships with established faiths. Activities include interreligious and spirituality workshops to exchange ideas and best practices

  • Community Service Project "Let's be tomorrow's sentinels through telecommunication"

    In 2012, the Mexican Catholic channel María Visión began a youth integration program in its broadcasts to attract the attention of younger members of society to tune the channel. Through the TV program “What's up with my faith?", adolescents and young people discover Christ in their lives and that through Him everything is possible. That, through the words of the Pope addressed to young people, they find a message of hope to be a factor of change in society

  • National scout program "Dialog and diversity-inclusion'

    Under the initiative of the National Representation of the Zonal Forum of West Africa in the person of the Zonal Chairperrson, the Niger Scouts Association has proceeded to the establishment of a NATIONAL COORDINATION OF THE PROGRAM "DIALOGUE AND DIVERSITY-INCLUSION" (DDI). This program is about innovation, leadership and the need to consolidate 4 years of experience in interreligious and intercultural dialog, and the need to carry out diversity and inclusion activities for all. The mission of this program is to promote peace, social cohesion, socio-professional inclusion and diversity as a source of wealth and as a source of unity, through the achievement of the objectives assigned to the strategic priorities of the P/DDI.

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    Valencia, Spain - Austria - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Czechia - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Malta - Monaco - Montenegro - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - San Marino - Serbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - UK - Mexico - Niger