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World Scout Parliamentary Union

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  • Union parlementaire mondiale du scoutisme; Unión Parlamentaria Scout Mundial

    • 441-1, National Assembly Members' Bldg, 1 Yeouido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-702, South Korea
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Strengthen both National Scout organisations and World Scouting through the influence of parliamentarians who believe in Scouting as an effective non-formal educational method and Movement; encourage the formation of National Scout Parliamentary Associations; open doors and give the Scout Movement access to decision-makers involved in problems directly concerning young people and the communities in which they live.


WSPU came into existence in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 1991, when about 60 parliamentarians representing 22 countries across five continents held a Constituent Assembly. The World Scout Committee, fully sharing the objectives of WSPU granted its consultative status.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious Dialogue Serving Education for Peace

    One of the core topics at the 4th General Assembly meeting. From this discussion it is possible to identify a common aim for interreligious dialogue. Dialogue should foster a global understanding among young people of all religions and faiths in an atmosphere of tolerance, appreciation of others, and solidarity. Delegates stated a number of important remarks: The conference noted that at the heart of every recognised religion and denomination lies a strong base of values supporting the concepts of peace, tolerance, and solidarity among the peoples of the world. Religion should be seen as a basis for unity and not as a source of diversion. Respect to all religions was particularly stressed. Thus, the conference expressed that religion has a strong role in serving a culture of peace and therefore all initiatives forming interreligious dialogue should be promoted. It was specially noted that the Scout movement plays a crucial role in allowing young people to meet across religious borders, notably during World Scout Jamborees. The role of parliamentarians is to promote frameworks, financial and other, in order to support meetings for young people across religious borders. The Scout Movement is a role model for interreligious dialogue serving education for peace. An important element of the Scout Method aims to provide young people with a chance to develop an integral personality using the powerful words of the scout promise 'Duty to God, Duty to self and duty to others'

  • Youth Exchange Program

    The aim of the programme is to give the opportunity to Scouts from member countries of WSPU/WOSM to travel to a different country (often for the first time), meet Scouts from other countries and have the chance to share their culture, religion, and traditions including their Scout activities and experiences. The programme also includes group discussions on youth participation in decision-making and debating on the role of young people in today's society in the context of the challenges that they face everyday.

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    Albania - Algeria - Angola - Argentina - Armenia - Australia - Azerbaijan - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Belarus - Belgium - Benin - Bolivia - Brazil - Brunei - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Cambodia - Canada - Cayman Islands - Chad - Chile - China - Congo - Costa Rica - Croatia - Czechia - Denmark - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - Ethiopia - Finland - France - Gambia - Georgia - Ghana - UK - Greece - Grenada - Guatemala - Guyana - Honduras - Hungary - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Jordan - South Korea - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Lithuania - Macedonia - Maldives - Malaysia - Mexico - Mongolia - Morocco - Mozambique - Myanmar - Netherlands - Nicaragua - Oman - Pakistan - State of Palestine - Panama - Paraguay - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Qatar - Romania - Russian Federation - Saint Lucia - Saudi Arabia - Senegal - Serbia - South Africa - Sri Lanka - Spain - Sudan - Swaziland - Sweden - Switzerland - Tajikistan - Tanzania - Thailand - Togo - Trinidad and Tobago - Tunisia - Turkey - Uganda - Ukraine - Uruguay - Uzbekistan - Venezuela - Yemen - Zambia - Cambodia - Philippines - Thailand - South Korea - Ethiopia - Pakistan - China - Kenya