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Youth for Understanding

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Envision generations of empowered global citizens for a more peaceful and sustainable world.


Youth for Understanding humbly started in the United States in 1951 in an effort to heal the wounds of World War II. The initial exchanges established the family living experience and opened the doors for YFU expansion to other parts of the world. In the mid-fifties, the program grew to include Scandinavia, and later expanded to western and central Europe. YFU bridged the Pacific in 1958 when students first came from Japan. The Pacific program now offers a variety of countries such as the Philippines, China, and Australia. Youth for Understanding was introduced to Latin America in 1958, beginning with Mexico, and South American countries followed behind a year later. A few decades passed before any more relationships were established. In 1989, however, Eastern Europe joined the program, followed by Africa in 1994 when South Africa joined YFU. Today, YFU's relationships include over 55 countries who have served over 260,000 exchange students.

IRD Activities

  • “Coloured Glasses” initiative

    It refers to the well-known analogy of the sunglasses which represent the cultural filters through which we observe and interpret reality. „Coloured Glasses”, a concept developed over more than 20 years through several adaptations, involves peer-to-peer learning and is rooted in grassroots volunteerism and community building. The aim of “Coloured Glasses: Expanding Intercultural Education” is to contribute to increasing the number of young people who develop intercultural competences, thus equipping them to engage in non-discriminatory practices and intercultural dialogue. This project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by EEE-YFU, in partnership with FernUniversität, OBESSU, YEU International, YFU Austria, YFU Bulgaria, YFU Estonia, YFU France, YFU Germany, YFU Italy, and YFU Sweden

  • Host Family Program

    YFU is open to anyone interested in becoming a host family irrespectively of age marital status or family situation. Organisation does not look for a certain kind of religious or political view. It looks for host families that will lovingly open their homes, offering guidance and support. Family’s lifestyle and culture are unique and extraordinary to its future exchange student, and YFU wants families to be a part of this program.

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